Mista Cookie Jar Talks Collaboration

On this episode, kindie rapper, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mista Cookie Jar talks about what drives him to collaborate with so many other kindie artists, how he goes about working with others and what it’s meant for his career and creative life.

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When he co-hosted a breakout session for KindieFest 2013, a precursor to KindieComm, Mista Cookie Jar had collaborated with Rachel Loshak on this very useful guide he wants you to see. Two years later, this advice is relevant as ever.
Download his career guide booklet here.

Make Kindie Happen podcast

Tor Hyams and a Career Success Gut Check

Make Kindie Happen podcastGrammy-nominated producer and festival promoter Tor Hyams attained his phenomenal kindie success after having already established a career in the entertainment industry and built relationships with celebrities which opened up avenues for his kindie endeavors that are not available to most do-it-yourselfers.

In this podcast interview, Tor challenges you to take stock in what you’re trying to accomplish in your career, gives you pieces of what worked for him that can be applied to what you want to do, and puts you through a real gut check as to whether this is a career for you, a passion project or a hobby. There’s in-depth discussion of the major players in the children’s entertainment world (Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS) and what it may take to put your work in a position to be of interest to these players.

We also discuss the gap between what kindie artists expect as career gains from time and effort spent among communities of children’s artists and what they actually get.

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Ways to Resonate with Parents, Bloggers and Journalists – with Jeff Bogle (OWTK)

On this episode of the Make Kindie Happen podcast, dad blogger and kindie connoiseur Jeff Bogle from Out with the Kids shares his insight on how artists might improve the way they tell their story to bloggers, mainstream journalists and ultimately the parents of the kids they’re trying to entertain.

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Make Kindie Happen podcast

Billy Grisack on Make Kindie Happen Podcast – Anatomy of a Merch Table

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Billy Grisack and getting his ideas for how a kindie artist can offer merchandise items at his/her live shows and the importance of being ready with the goods…

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 Make Kindie Happen podcast

Liz Buchanan Talks Children’s Music Network on Make Kindie Happen Podcast Episode 6

Long-serving board member Liz Buchanan from the Children’s Music Network is this week’s guest on “Make Kindie Happen: The Kids & Family Music Career Podcast.” We talk about the benefits of belonging to CMN and the very hands-on approach of the upcoming CMN conference scheduled for September 19-21 in Leesburg, VA.

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Suzi Shelton on Live, Online Performing for Kids and Families – Make Kindie Happen, Ep 05

In this episode, kindie music mainstay Suzi Shelton talks about this wonderful convenience she offers families located near and far: a live, online concert performance right in their own kitchens. Plus she gives kids a thrill she remembers from her favorite childhood TV show…

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Make Kindie Happen podcast

Miss Nina on Mailing Lists and Music Videos – Make Kindie Happen Episode 04

In this episode I talk with Miss Nina about her remarkable success combining her mailing list with her weekly YouTube videos for kids and families. Fellow kindie artists, there are lots of good ideas you can try from what you hear in this episode!

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Make Kindie Happen podcast

Know Your Worth – with Joanie Leeds – Make Kindie Happen Podcast Episode 03

Joanie Leeds, creator of People Magazine’s Best Kids Album of 2013 and winner of numerous awards, shares her view on the importance of all kids-and-family musicians knowing their worth and staying true to it.

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Kindie Gut Check – Episode 2 of Make Kindie Happen Podcast

So you wanna be a rock-n-roll star – or a kids’ music star? Here are 3 things to consider as you embark on your new journey of making music for kids and families. Or things to help you measure how far you’ve come and remember what you made it through, or to re-orient you to the bumps in the road we still face no matter how long we’re at this.

  • Know your reason why you’re aspiring to the kids’ music profession. Your reason why is what will keep you moving forward when outside circumstances slow you down.
  • Does identifying your music with a label like ‘kindie’ expand your opportunities or restrict your artistic choices? Here’s my take.
  • Prepare for the adversity ahead. Yes, playing at the corner bar in your past life was hard; don’t expect kids’ music to be an easy way out. You now have a new set of challenges.

Thanks for listening; let me know what you think of the podcast, what you got out of this episode and what topics you’d like to see covered.

If you have a specialty within the kindie world that you’d like to discuss for the benefit of the community, let me know and I’ll get you on the show as a guest.