Tor Hyams and a Career Success Gut Check

Make Kindie Happen podcastGrammy-nominated producer and festival promoter Tor Hyams attained his phenomenal kindie success after having already established a career in the entertainment industry and built relationships with celebrities which opened up avenues for his kindie endeavors that are not available to most do-it-yourselfers.

In this podcast interview, Tor challenges you to take stock in what you’re trying to accomplish in your career, gives you pieces of what worked for him that can be applied to what you want to do, and puts you through a real gut check as to whether this is a career for you, a passion project or a hobby. There’s in-depth discussion of the major players in the children’s entertainment world (Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS) and what it may take to put your work in a position to be of interest to these players.

We also discuss the gap between what kindie artists expect as career gains from time and effort spent among communities of children’s artists and what they actually get.

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