Pilot Episode of “Make Kindie Happen!” A Kids & Family Music Career Podcast

Every story has a beginning. The idea of this podcast had been marinating in me for some time, but it was the give-and-take at the KindieComm kids & family music conference in Philadelphia last weekend that urged me to transform this idea into reality. For over 1/2 hour I speak from an outline addressing the takeaways I got from several of the breakout sessions that were happening at the event.

I’d be delighted to have you discuss the finer points of the podcast and add to the conversation. You’ll have an influence over what we talk about in future episodes.

Interview guests are being lined up; if you’d like to contribute your unique wisdom for the good of other kindies, let me know and we’ll work out a Skype call date and topic.

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A dad, husband, kindie musician, TV host and community member who wants to help the movement thrive. This blog is where I host my kindie career resources for fellow kindie artists, industry professionals and aspiring kindie folks.

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